• robert castle

Books Read Over the Last Several Years

2013 Both Flesh and Not – David Foster Wallace (nonfiction) Kubrick’s Total Cinema – Philip Kuberski (cinema studies) Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey – edited by Robert Kolker (cinema studies) Sacrifice – Rene Girard (Religious Studies; Anthropology) An Opportune Moment: 1855 – Patrick Ouredink (fiction) Aphorisms – Cesar Vallejo (belles lettres) The Philosophy of Neo-Noir – edited by Mark Conrad (cinema studies) Delirium of Interpretations – Fiona Templeton (play) Rhapsody on St. Stephen’s Green – Flann O’Brien (play) The Effort to Fall – Christopher Spranger (aphorisms) Heroes – Tom Stoppard (play) Venus in Fur – David Ives (play) We Live in Water – Jess Walter (short stories) The Bitter Season – Robert M. Coates (novel) Democracy in France – Francois Guizot (social history) Aztec Treasure House – Evan S. Connell (history essays)


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